Baked Good

Baked Goods

Made fresh and from scratch with no preservatives and plenty of love.

Weekly Box

Weekly curated box of fresh fruits and vegetables ready for pickup.

Pickup locations:
1588 Steeple Dr Suffolk 23433
When Pigs Fly Magic Happens
315 Main St, Smithfield, VA 23430



Made from bees raised on our farm with access to chemical-free clover, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Roasted Coffee

Single source, small farm, fair trade roasts that are inspired by our local community.

Eclipse Roast is a Central American single origin coffee roasted dark with notes of chocolate and graham crackers. This coffee is wonderful as a rich black coffee or combined with milk it can become creamy and delicious.

Captain Lip Brew. This light roast will wake you up and get your day started. It is bright without being acidic. With a very fruity flavor.

Waterman’s Blend A blend of Central American Coffee, it is complex and engages your taste buds with different flavors as you drink it. It makes a great filter coffee or a cold coffee.

Possum Holler. Is our medium roast with notes of milk chocolate and cherries. It is a great coffee for almost any brewing process.  The coffee originates from a small single origin farm who creates amazing coffee beans bursting with flavor.



We are proud to sell a rainbow of colors with our chemical-free vegetables. From corn and potatoes to tomatoes and squash, we aim to replace your supermarket.


Our chemical-free berries will be perfect for pies, tarts, and snacking by the handful.