Meet the Britts

Brooks and Sherry Britt are collectors, travelers, and great storytellers. With a perfect view of our farm, they have enjoyed watching our progress from the very beginning, and we have enjoyed chatting with them when they walk their dog, Sedona.

Brooks describes himself as a “collector by nature.” His collection of agates has been in the making since he was 18, and he has grown it from gem and mineral shows and a recent road trip to the Yellowstone River in Montana. He and Sherry had always wanted to do a cross country road trip because “we live in such a neat country.” In their travels they have enjoyed visiting the Garden of the Gods, Grand Teton, and the Grand Canyon. Sherry reminisced that
when they visited the Grand Canyon it was only her, Brooks, and a raven taking in the majestic view. You certainly can’t beat that breathtaking experience!

Brooks’ family historically owned Pea Hill Plantation in Brunswick County, and the owner, Colonel Huff, is where Brooks’ middle name comes from. Brooks did some research and found the plantation’s manifest and the family cemetery. Sherry’s mother’s family used to own a farm that was later bought by Reynolds Aluminum. She remembers her Aunt Lottie would take produce on a horse drawn carriage into Richmond to sell it. Nothing went to waste on the farm, and Sherry particularly remembers how good the butter from the cows was.

Brooks is happily retired from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and he had the honor of being a 3rd generation worker in the pipe shop. Sherry and her parents also worked at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, so their family’s ties to the shipyard run deep.

Speaking of family ties, The Britt’s have two daughters, Summer and Afton. Summer owns a photography business and lives with her husband and two daughters in Ghent. Afton is a nurse and lives one street away from her parents. Both daughters are animal lovers and enjoy visiting their parents.

I was amazed to learn that Brooks and Sherry’s home was built in 1956 but was picked up and moved after the construction of the bridge at Route 17!

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