Meet Sedona

Sedona is Brooks and Sherry Britt’s dog. Sherry adopted her from the Isle of Wight animal shelter with the intention of training her to be a therapy dog. However, she never passed the therapy dog test, but she still brings joy to her neighbors. The rescue said that she was a border collie mix, but a DNA test revealed that she is a pitt, chow, and harrier mix. She is 6.5 years old and still filled with lots of energy. She goes for a walk on Sundays in Windsor Castle Park, and she keeps Brooks active with 3-4 walks a day. Her best friend is Noodles, Brooks and Sherry’s elder daughter, Summer’s dog. She even gets excited when she hears Noodles’ name! If she doesn’t have Noodles to play with, she enjoys playing with the other neighborhood dogs. Sedona got her name from the city in Arizona, which is a nod to Brooks and Sherry’s love for travel.

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