Meet Scrappy

If you’ve ever visited Crittenden/Eclipse in the evening, then you’ve probably heard Scrappy’s excited barks coming from Wayne Martin’s truck. His daily highlight is going to the creek at sunset and hanging out the window of the truck to bark at the rabbits, squirrels, and deer he sees along the way. The residents of White Dogwood Trail know Scrappy’s routine so well that they will say “hey, Scrappy” as he drives by. Wayne carries dog biscuits with him on his evening
drive, so be sure to say hello next time you’re walking your dog.

Scrappy is a 9 year old bichon who was originally owned by Wayne’s sister-in-law. Because she had lung cancer and did not have long to live, she asked if the Martins would take care of Scrappy and his sister, Tiffy, for her. Scrappy made the journey from Missouri and immediately fell in love with Wayne, and the feeling was mutual.

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