Meet Liza Jane

Liza Jane is Ginny Bagnell’s beloved companion and a fixture of our neighborhood. While she is very shy and skittish, she is very sweet and attached to Ginny. Ginny adopted her from the Norfolk shelter when she was a year and a half old, and she is currently 8. Her favorite toy is Mr. Bear. Actually, she owns 3 Mr. Bears: one is in the bedroom, one is in the living room, and one is in the dog room. Because he is her favorite toy, Mr. Bear comes with her when they travel to the mountains or lake. She hates car rides but loves golf cart rides. She likes to go to “her” Community Hall if no one is there, and she’s even claiming a title on the farm as the official “goose chaser.” If you see her out for a ride with Ginny, be sure to say hello!

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