Farm Shares (Also called Community Supported Agriculture Programs, or CSAs), are a way for the consumer and the farmer to partner together to provide fresh, local, and naturally grown products weekly throughout the season. Our farm share provides weekly in-season produce to provide either a two-person family or a family of four. What separates us from many other farm shares is your ability to select weekly from the available products to make up the perfect box for your family. This combined with helpful recipes on how to utilize your products will help our members connect best to the food that they eat.


Our Farm Share program provides our members with a direct link to the farm. Your membership provides you with access to the best produce before it is made available to the public at our markets and lets you know what is going to be fresh each week. Your suggestions as members help guide us on which types of products you may want year to year and what varieties you love. In addition, your membership includes a yearly harvest dinner that we share with you. The bounty of the season with a special dinner to thank our members at our farm.
Farm Share members share in the harvest: during good growing seasons, everyone benefits by getting more produce. When the season is less bountiful, members shoulder the risk and receive less. This type of arrangement helps people to connect back to the earth and the food they eat.

Weekly box

Our first year of farm share will be a week-to-week service as we establish our best products and understand the products you like the most. Please look to our products page for our weekly available products box. Coming next year, we will launch our full farm share for customers.


Finally, Eclipse and Crittenden community members looking for a special community support discount code to make weekly farm shares a great opportunity.