Dogs of Crittenden-Eclipse: Gracie

While we’ve loved introducing our neighbors, our community spotlight would not be complete without introducing their furry friends. We love meeting and petting the many dogs in our neighborhood, and we’ll be spreading some “paw-positivity” with their stories and pictures.

In the first of our “meet the dogs” series, we’re happy to introduce Gracie! Gracie is a Yorki-poo owned by Walt and Marilyn Wagner. They got her five years ago as a puppy in North Carolina.  She was the only puppy in her pack who broke away from the others to follow Walt, and they knew from that moment she was the perfect dog for them. Marilyn named her after her Aunt Grace. Gracie loves going for golf cart rides and visiting her best friend, Ginny’s dog Liza Jane.  Her favorite toys are an old snowball that Marilyn’s previous dog played with and Chicky, a rubber squeaking chicken. She loves to see and play with the other dogs in the neighborhood, and we love to see her on our way to the farm.

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