About Us

About us

What We Value

Natural and Chemical Free

Rather than using pesticides that harm the soil and the nearby waterways, we will be using natural protectants against pests. We know how harmful chemicals can be for the environment and for our bodies, and we want to grow our produce as naturally as possible.

Good Stewards of the Land

We are utilizing low-till, regenerative, and biological farming practices to ensure that the land and water continue to thrive for years to come. Plus, these practices make for even higher-quality produce. We return everything back to the soil in the form of compost, cover crops, and natural pollinators. We are creating raised beds to improve the soil nutrients for healthier vegetables and are studying best practices. Because this land has been historically farmed since the 1700s and deeded in 1630, we want to celebrate and research its rich history. We believe in keeping stories alive.


This plan came from Joe and Maureen’s dream to own their own business and bring their family under one roof again. There is no greater blessing for us than the ability to live and work together.

Who We Are

Maureen is the owner of Rose Hill Heritage Farm 1630 and our primary baker. She oversees the farm’s daily operations and is our most enthusiastic tractor driver. She and Joe met when they attended college at the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!). She began her career as a middle school English teacher in Tennessee before becoming a stay-at-home mom on Long Island. She homeschooled her son, John, from 3rd grade through 12th grade.

Joe is Maureen’s husband and, through his research and experiences, seems to know the “Why” and the “How” of everything on the farm. Joe grew up in rural Tennessee and started working on farms and his own land at a young age. He sold his own vegetables to his local community as a teenager and has been wanting to continue that business ever since. After graduating from The University of Notre Dame, Joe worked in project management in construction primarily on Long Island and New York City. Wanting a change from the high-stress environment, Joe is grateful for the change of pace that Suffolk, Virginia has brought. From building our hoop house to researching the best practices of beekeeping, Joe has a hand in all parts of the farm’s operation.

Katie is Maureen and Joe’s daughter and runs the farm’s social media. She can’t wait to begin selling at farmer’s markets soon! After graduating from the College of William & Mary (Go Tribe!), Katie became a high school English teacher. There’s nothing Katie loves more than a good story, and she’s looking forward to creating content for the website. When she’s not working, you can find her reading or volunteering for a youth mental health and substance use nonprofit.

John is Maureen and Joe’s son and the farm’s Best Helper. John enjoys voice acting and has been featured in student productions and podcasts. When he’s not helping his family around the farm, he’s probably watching anime, playing dungeons & dragons, or playing yu-gi-oh.

Snowy and Maggie are the family’s dogs and are a big help (Most of the time). Snowy’s main jobs are moving sticks around and sticking her nose into whatever Joe is doing. As an expert digger herself, Maggie’s main job is to oversee the making of holes.